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Senior Nursing Major Focuses Her Future on Caring for Women and Babies

October 15, 2021 – When Alyssa Randall-Rose (NHS’22) was a teenager, she had the opportunity to watch the birth of her brother, a transformative experience that led to her nursing studies.

Alyssa Randall-Rose poses outside of Healy Hall on Georgetown's campus on the side of the building with red bricks and stone
Alyssa Randall-Rose (NHS’22) is a senior nursing major. After graduation, she plans “to work as a mother-baby nurse” with a future goal of graduate school to become an advanced practice registered nurse.

“I’ve always been interested in the medical field,” said the senior BSN major from California. “I remember watching medical shows like ‘House’ and being thoroughly intrigued. When I was 13, I witnessed my brother being born. It was a miracle birth. The nurses that took care of him were amazing and inspired me to be part of the profession.” 

It is not surprising then that aspects of the curriculum Randall-Rose thoroughly enjoyed were the women’s health course and clinical with Dr. Roxanne Mirabal-Beltran, assistant professor of professional nursing practice.

Active Student Life

Another important part of her Georgetown experience has been the campus community and its offerings.

“I feel like Georgetown University has a lot of resources and student activities via the hundreds of clubs and societies we have,” she said. “If there’s something you want to do, someone at Georgetown will help you find a way.” 

A particular place she has found that brings great joy is her ongoing membership on the Hoyas cheer team, noting the excitement of this year, which will also be “bittersweet” because it is her last.

Alyssa Randall-Rose in her Georgetown cheer team uniform holding a basketball with the Georgetown "G" on it.
Randall-Rose said she very much enjoys being a member of Georgetown’s cheer team.

“I wish I could cheer forever,” Randall-Rose joked. “Being on the team has definitely pushed me to be more involved in the school and gain some serious school pride and spirit. Also being on the cheer team has helped me develop the great friendships that I have. Some of my teammates will definitely be in my wedding.”

Preparing for the Future

As she thinks ahead to the beginnings of her career as a professional registered nurse, Randall-Rose said she feels well prepared. “The nursing major is very small, which is nice because you have small classes and have a nice student-professor ratio,” she noted. “The material is interesting and challenging and overall makes you feel like everything you are learning is essential to being a successful nurse.” 

One area she has focused on involves advocating for greater programmatic support for Black, women of color, low-income, and first-generation students who pursue their undergraduate nursing studies at Georgetown. “Your courage and strength does not go unnoticed,” she encouraged her fellow students. “Set the tone and leave your mark for the ones to come after you.”

As she looks to her senior year and the future, Randall-Rose said, “This year I plan on finishing my nursing program strong and enjoying all my friends being together before we all graduate and go into the workforce.”

Her immediate goal, she said, “is to work as a mother-baby nurse” and a longer term goal is enrollment in a nurse-midwifery and women’s health nurse practitioner program.

By Bill Cessato