Non-Degree Certificates, Minors, and Courses

The School of Nursing offers several non-degree educational opportunities, such as certificates, minors, and prerequisite courses.


The Post-Graduate Certificate Program allows master’s- or doctorally prepared nurses to advance their careers and pursue board certification in various Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) specializations.


While it is possible to minor while earning a BSN degree, due to the degree’s rigorous nature students must plan their coursework carefully starting from the first year. Please consult with your academic advisor to determine how you will structure your schedule.

Public Health Minor

Gloved hands hold a test tube in a lab

The Public Health minor is open to students in Georgetown College, the McDonough School of Business, the School of Foreign Service, the School of Nursing, and the School of Health. This minor approaches health from an interdisciplinary perspective to promote health and well-being of all individuals, while providing students with a core knowledge of public health so they are prepared for further study and scholarship in the field.

Prerequisite Courses

Georgetown University offers a selection of in-person and online summer courses that often include those required for various health disciplines.

When offered, these courses are open to all non-degree students pursuing a health-based education who need to fulfill prerequisites for nursing or other health professions. Georgetown degree students may also be eligible. For questions, please contact Jennifer Ericson.