Gisele holds up their shirt sleeve while Ashley preps their arm for the shot
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School of Nursing Students Gain Clinical Experience and Help Protect the Campus Community at Annual Flu Clinic

(October 6, 2023) — Dozens of Georgetown students rolled up their sleeves during the lunch hour recently to receive their annual flu vaccine shot from their classmates at the School of Nursing, building a sense of community across campus by demonstrating how Hoyas take care of each other.

Students line the wall of the room waiting for nursing students to administer flu vaccines at tables before them

Students waited for their turn to receive a flu vaccine during a walk-in clinic in the Leavey Center.

Students from the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and Master of Science Entry to Nursing Practice Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) programs administered more than 1,800 vaccines at walk-in clinics in the Leavey Center on September 28 and October 3.

“The flu clinics are important because often the students are in hospital settings where they do not have a chance to practice health promotion and disease prevention,” said Susan Coleman, RN, instructor, School of Nursing. “But after their shifts here they feel empowered that they have contributed to disease prevention in their community.”

After admitting to a fear of needles, Gisele Ferraz de Campos (C’25) bravely received a flu shot from Ashley Bouchakian (N’23), a CNL student.

“It’s really great to have lots of practice to develop this skill [of administering shots],” said Bouchakian. “And it’s always great if more people get vaccinated,” she added.

Ferraz de Campos looked away while Bouchakian successfully delivered the shot.

Regan gives Kreuzer a flu shot

BSN student Lauren Regan gave a flu vaccine to Lucas Kreuzer (G’24)

BSN student Lauren Regan (N’25) estimated she had administered 20 shots in the first three hours of her four-hour shift. 

“Flu clinics are something special,” said Regan. “It’s a great learning experience, but it’s also something nice for the Georgetown community. You feel like you’re helping out your fellow students.”

Regan administered a flu vaccine to Lucas Kreuzer (G’24), who is working on his master’s in European studies at the Walsh School of Foreign Service.

Kreuzer reported feeling good after the shot. “I barely felt it,” he said.

Heather Wilpone-Welborn
GUMC Communications

Top Image: Gisele Ferraz de Campos (C’25) overcame their fear of needles to get a flu shot from Ashley Bouchakian (N’23), a CNL student.

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