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Georgetown FNP Alumna Manages COVID-19 Vaccine Site in Maryland

April 8, 2021 – Jessica Landau (G’20), a recent graduate of the Family Nurse Practitioner Program, is managing a COVID-19 vaccine site in Maryland. The Georgetown alumna, who plans to continue focusing on health promotion and disease prevention, says, “People are so grateful to be vaccinated. We have a great team, and it is an exciting mission to be a part of.”

Jessica Landau and Natalie Jarian, left to right, pose in clinical attire at a COVID-19 vaccine site.
Georgetown Family Nurse Practitioner alumnae and 2020 classmates, left to right, Jessica Landau and Natalie Jarian. Landau manages a COVID-19 vaccine site in Maryland, where Jarian is vaccine manager.

Question: Tell us about yourself, including where you grew up and received your bachelor’s.

Landau: I am originally from Daytona Beach, Florida. I am now living in Maryland. I have been a nurse for almost a decade, after receiving my associate’s degree at a community college, then transitioning to University of North Florida to obtain my bachelor’s degree. Most recently, I graduated from the Family Nurse Practitioner Program at Georgetown in December 2020.

Question: How did you learn about Georgetown’s FNP Program? What stands out for you about the learning experience?

Landau: I learned about the program after doing some research into programs across the country. The first thing that stood out about Georgetown was the personal approach, starting with admissions. The person I talked with patiently answered all of my questions and assisted me through the process. 

After having finished the program, what stands out are the incredible professors. I felt they were experts in their field, were very knowledgeable, yet humble, and really supportive in that they nurtured us as students and worked to maximize our learning potential. I also really valued and enjoyed the weekly classes together as a group.

Question: Tell us about your work at the vaccine clinic, including how it began.

Landau: I was initially hired at the clinic as a vaccinator and was quickly promoted to the site manager! Prior to my joining the team, the clinic was managed by the school nurses of Montgomery County, who had to return to the schools within a few weeks. Since they have moved on, I have been charged with managing daily operations, and we have had the pleasure of vaccinating up to 1,200 people a day – with numbers expected to increase as time goes on. It has been a wonderful experience. People are so grateful to be vaccinated. We have a great team, and it is an exciting mission to be a part of. 

Question: What inspires you professionally, and what do you hope to accomplish through your career?

Landau: I am inspired professionally by those who motivate others through health promotion and disease prevention. I get very inspired by my peers who follow their passion in making visionary ideas come to life. I know nurse practitioners who have built programs from the ground up, such as diabetes self-management education programs that focus on managing and reducing disease burden through nutrition. 

I really believe in empowering patients to make the best decisions for themselves through the use of shared decision-making and focusing on their unique capabilities. My hope is eventually I can hone these skills and create educational programs that are simple and user-friendly.

I was also recently accepted to the National Health Service Corp (NHSC) Students to Service Program, which focuses on strengthening access to health care in underserved areas. So, ultimately, I would like to focus on bringing these ideas to the communities who need them the most.

Question: What advice would you give individuals considering graduate school to become an APRN?

Landau: My advice is that if you are passionate about making positive change for your patients and furthering your education, you should go for it. It is a challenging couple of years, but as long you stay focused, study hard, and have a good core group of study buddies – you can do it!

I also recommend considering Georgetown. I am so glad this is where I ended up.

By Bill Cessato