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DNP Student Honored at NIH

DNP student, Therese Kent, receiving NP of the Year Award for 2022 from Dr. Gilman

Photo: James K. Gilman, MD, CEO of the NIH Clinical Center with Therese Kent, NP, Nurse Practitioner of the Year for 2022

(January 22, 2023) — School of Nursing DNP student, Therese Kent, NP, a supervisor in the Critical Care Medicine Department in the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center, was selected as the Nurse Practitioner of the Year for 2022. Kent was cited for creating a diverse and vibrant group of advanced care practitioners who have been an essential part of the ICU multidisciplinary care team. Kent was praised for her outstanding clinical knowledge, composed demeanor – even in highly stressful scenarios – professionalism and compassion towards all patients and is highly regarded by all consultants and primary teams as a reference point when their patients are in the ICU. (Copy courtesy NIH)

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