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Message to the Community / June 28, 2022

Dear Prospective and Current Students, Alumni and Supporters of Georgetown University School of Nursing:

This is indeed an exciting time for our school! Since 1903, Georgetown University has been committed to nursing education, providing an outstanding environment guided by Jesuit values that engage the heart, mind and spirit. As the inaugural dean for the new Georgetown University School of Nursing (GUSON), I am honored to lead a school that offers transformational education and innovation that develops and supports future nursing leaders and scholars in research, policy and education. As a preeminent School of Nursing, we are committed to caring for individuals, families and communities — nationally and globally — to support the attainment of their highest level of health and well-being. As a member of our community, you become part of an esteemed tradition that supports health as a human right and advocates that health care should be delivered in a socially just manner that centers equity.

At GUSON, we are committed to preparing our future nurses to meet the challenges of our society and advance social justice and structural competence. We encourage students to both think critically about the root causes of health inequities and to be solutions-oriented by inspiring their imagination and creativity in this process. Our students value individuals, families and communities — and they learn how those qualities are vital to catalyze tangible change when working to eliminate health inequities.

Intentionally focusing on what our graduates can do and creating content and experiential learning opportunities that inspire them to excel is key to developing nurses who will work confidently in varied contexts, with diverse populations across the lifespan. This will ultimately create a more just society. Nurses operate in many roles to positively impact the health of our society, so imagine the dynamism produced in the culture of a school where innovative ideas are encouraged, expected and embraced. Operationalizing our vision, living our Jesuit values, and embracing the need to nurture the mind, body and spirit to promote maximum health and flourishing, especially for the intentionally marginalized in our society, requires us to think boldly and creatively. This is what we do at Georgetown University School of Nursing.

Our faculty are leaders and experts in the profession, and they pride themselves on creating a dynamic, engaging learning environment — one that emphasizes health equity and ethical practice. We are proud of our dedicated and exceptional faculty, staff and students, as well as our alumni. Their talents and expertise have a profound impact on our communities, society and the profession — nationally and globally.

Our school is in the diverse community of Washington, D.C., where major decisions about health and policy are born. This provides innumerable rich learning opportunities for our students, faculty and staff in advocacy and activism.

Our website presents an overview of our nursing programs and other relevant initiatives. You can stay informed about our latest news and developments by following us on social media. I invite you to become an active part of our GUSON community. Whether you’re interested in embarking on your nursing career, aspire to earn an advanced degree, or want to contribute your unique gifts by becoming part of our team (faculty or staff), fund various initiatives, or contribute in other ways, maintaining this important connection will allow you to learn how we are taking action to center humanity and promote a healthier, just world.

Thank you for your interest in GUSON! Hoya Saxa!

Yours truly,

Roberta Waite, EdD, RN, PMHCNS, ANEF, FAAN